New Construction



At Randolph Construction we understand that homeowners want a home to fit their unique lifestyle. Some need the space a larger home provides. Others are discovering the simplicity of smaller homes that are often more efficient and less costly to maintain. That's why it takes a contractor with special know-how to design and construct a home that works for you and the way you live.

We have experience building homes of every size, from small vacation cottages to large family dwellings of over 5000 square feet. We can put you in touch with an architect who specializes in designing family residences. We provide quality construction using the most durable materials. We're up on the most effective building technologies that can save you money on utility bills and repairs while still providing the comfort you expect in a new home. We can build your new home on time and within budget.

We believe new construction requires a partnership in which owner and builder work to realize the homeowner's vision for their new home. We welcome the opportunity to have a serious conversation with you about your needs and desires.